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I started before my days on Y & R , doing several Animal Shelter ( Awareness n Adoption ) events, as well as, save the Manatees along the “South Miami” Florida inter coastal waterways & everglades, the Keys & Fairchild Gardens, Coco Plum & Key Biscayne, Dinner Key Auditorium, & did mangrove Preservation & Blood drives, also helped w/ the Serpentarium & Parrot Jungle fundraisers, leading into Make a Wish, Special Olympics & Many Celebrity Golf Charity’s from Kenny Stabler & Cornelius Bennet & URM, ( Union Rescue Mission ), to Little Warriors, Autism & the Old Bony Pony Ranch, & more .. Then a slew of pet Charities from LCA ( Last Chance for Animals ) NLOL ( New Leash on Life ) to Best Friends ( I was on the Cover of “the PetPress” in vol. 4 – Issue 6, back in Mar – April …. 2003 ), Take Me Home, Paws for a Cause, Barkin Bitches, K9’s are Us, etc… Over the years I have Adopted 3 Dogs, 2 cats & a Snake & helped find homes & get pets spayed a/o neutered for dozens n dozens more… I have horse property & If I had the time, would get some old timers or X Circus Animals, mainly Cats or Apes . My dream is to have a safe haven & sanctuary kinda like M.J. did or others that adopt & care for any Ape, chimp, monkey or gorilla, and or old tigers, panthers, cheetahs, mountain lions, leopards, cougars or …. (as in my earlier Kung Fu days we learn allot from them & their stretching, hunting, feeding, defense & sleeping habits )! I am so very blessed to have had animals in my life since I can remember (& unfortunately laid my best 4 legged 14 year old friend “Chevy” to rest on 7/25, when he had organ failure yet waited for me to come home from back to back commercial shoots I’m certain in order to see me one last time & say …farewell (That was the 2nd Hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life !!! ) :-(… , he will try & be copied, but Never Replaced ! & I have “pick of the litter”, coming up thru a close friend & Co worker who has an AKC, Pure blooded German Shepherd Bitch towards the ends of the year. .I used to help train police dogs ( Doberman Pincher’s, Shepherds & Rottweilers back East ) & only got bit once (which was my fault) . They are amazing creatures ( like Pit bulls, & Labrador’s to Jack Russell Terriers, & Australian Sheep dogs & more ) It’s a matter of raising them right & training them with commands, hand gestures, tones, body language, eye contact & key words with Love, compassion, patience, kindness & respect ( a lot of things even some humans are clueless on how to use, sad but true ). If You can, make the time to walk down the isles of death row @ Ur local shelter &, see if you can’t find a little critter to change your life & rescue You from boredom, loneliness, depression, anxiety, hatred, fear, or whatever ails you 


 I’m sure you both will be glad you did. Bless God, America & stay well. & may you be the example you wish to see in others. ….Shark