Check out The Series “Revolution”

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  1. Just started watching this show and I recognized you! That's why I looked you up Miss you on the Young and the Restless. You were TERRIFIC! Good luck! Hope to see you more often.
    • Thank You Leslie, Deeply appreciate Ur following c and support, hope Ur well & wishing you & U'rs the best & I miss being on Y n R TOO.. had a blast & it changed my life, Take care n be well, Sincerely Larry Warton.. please hollar back & stay tuned, got some kewl stuff coming up
  2. So i'm getting caught up on Revolution episodes I taped tonight, only half watching, when I hear this unmistakeable voice say "hey there girl, how you doin this evening" - and before I even look up I say. "OMG, it's Larry Wartman!!!" Sure enough, its him (you). So great to see you on one of my favorite shows. Y& R sure could use your special blend of scary/sexy/funny right about now. Hope life is treating you well. Anne S
  3. Oops, In my previous post I should have said the character was Larry Warton - but I think he was called the Wartman. Either way, loved the character and your portrayal. Anne S
    • Hello , my Dear & thank You so much 4 ur comment ! I thank you & Appreciate Ur support.. Please stay tuned & Check back as I am producing now, & Have several really kewl projects I'm involved in.. U Rock ! & Take care ! Xo Larry
  4. I saw that episode tonight! I said to my boyfriend "where do we know that guy from?" and he said "I don't know him at all" and i was like "i know him from somewhere and a minute later i was like "oh, he was from Y&R that's why you don't recognize him and I do." I went to look it up on IMDB to make sure but you weren't in the credits but i found this page from a google search.
  5. How can i write u and where? Was in your fan club when you were on Young and the restless I'm on twitter Sally Froseth. . Thanks
    • shark
      Correct me if I'm wrong Sally, but I think you just did!?!? Just playin... You can contact me here or find me on Facebook. <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> Thanks for being a fan! Hope you are well, shoot me something on Facebook! Larry Warton

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